Python Packages
Below snippet has shows Python Packages Installed in Aryan on Raspberry Pi OS with respective comments
'''For system to speak, epseak is needed on PI '''
pip install pyttsx3
sudo apt-get install python-espeak
''' To query wikipedia '''
pip install wikipedia
''' For SpeechRecognition '''
pip install SpeechRecognition
sudo apt-get install flac
''' Get CountryInfo '''
pip install countryinfo
''' For Microphone '''
pip install PyAudio
''' Get the country ISO information '''
pip install pycountry
'''Get the geograpy information, It installs bunch of other packages
including numpy, pandas, nltk etc. '''
pip install geograpy3
''' Download NLTK data '''
import nltk"stopwords")'punkt')'averaged_perceptron_tagger')'maxent_ne_chunker')'words')'wordnet')
''' To check for the PID '''
pip install psutil
''' To play Music/Song '''
pip install pydub
''' For Latitude and Longitude '''
pip install geopy
''' For Timezone '''
pip install tzwhere
sudo apt-get install libgeos-dev
''' To Get jokes '''
pip install pyjokes
''' For LED Dot Matrix '''
pip3 install luma.led_matrix==1.5.0
pip3 install spidev==3.4 --force-reinstall
'''To extract date and time from a string'''
import datefinder
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